Event 28/09, Anna Grzelec and Emílio Brandão



Why do we open our home for this purpose?


New ideas about the home and what a home can be.


When presented with the idea, we were thrilled by the way it shakes and challenges our way of thinking about our home. The home is a space of many meanings. It is a place for living, creating and being, an emotional nest for our everyday life and a place that reflects us. We are the “curators” of our home. The idea of inviting others to experiment with our space is thrilling. It somewhat shakes the perception of home as a private and personal space, temporary transforming it to a public space. And we love the idea of using our home for other purposes than our own lives.


Democratic participation.


It is not a curated event. Any artist can participate, as long as there are slots of space still available. This way, it gives the opportunity of virtually anything to be exhibited. There are no inhibitions. This gives us another opportunity to contribute to the protection and promotion of freedom of art and of speech.


Explore and promote randomness.


This project induces randomness into our lives, thus opening up for the unknown to enter. Randomness can be scary because it is unknown, but at the same time the unknown brings new ideas, new perspectives, new thoughts, new opportunities – a foundation of development. In this project, the space will be reinterpreted based on an abstract understanding of the space: the plan of the apartment, mixed with a dose of improvisation. When arriving to the space, the exhibiting artists will have to make it work, without having seen the space before. It will be a mix of things that would never be seen together, and in a way that a human mind would probably not create – it will be co-curated by chance. As such, it is an invitation of the unknown to our home.


You are very welcome to take part in living this unique experience in our home.



Anna and Emílio, Göteborg.