Tools for exhibitions


It is time for a new event in Madrid, Amsterdam or any other city. Maybe even two parallel exhibition events of FCFS in two different cities at a time!


We push local but also international spaces to become artistic tools for exhibition, communication and reunion. The characteristic of conversion is fundamental in this project. How a pre-defined function of an apartment becomes a point of reunion and exhibition.


We want to motivate the participant to be active and attentive to this kind of opportunities, to be able to develope and present a project as fast as possible, to get an area in their need in the space we gained. It is an opportunity to talk and discuss work whether it is finished or just a concept or idea that wants to be shared in public.


The events are of spontaneous character, since they only take place after a person contacts us to offer his private space for FCFS, but also because each event defines a very unexpected work composition and artist participation.


We could consider this events a cause and effect of different ways of conceiving a cultural identity, social relationships and even political institutions of this contemporary art scene.



[Fotos del Evento 26/01]