Statement_ Artists Direct Online Exchange Meetings. The project ADOEM tries to be a useful tool and an alternative to the usual way of activity of contemporary artists.  This proposal takes advantage of new media communication for opening up an interaction and exchange between artists activating the communication between two spaces, Seoul Art Space and Matadero Madrid
Objectives_ The Project ADOEM follows a new strategy to enhance the collaboration between artists. As a platform of exchange it seeks to establish two Skype meetings between visual artists from Seoul and Madrid during two days, with the objective of creating an artistic joint project that will be published on the website.
Project_ The aims and objectives of this project are structured in the following way:
1_Selection of 8 visual artists. 4 which current creative activity is in Seoul and 4 in Madrid.
2_ Correspondent visual artist from Seoul-Madrid, in terms of similar work basis and similar fields of creative enrollment, followed by the collaborative opportunities that may arise.
The allocation of artists is going to be defined by the review committee.
The files with the portfolios of the selected artists will be given for download in pdf format before the meetings.
3_ After the allocation of artist couples, participants of Madrid and Seoul will start to get in touch with each other, with the aim of developing a project in collaboration. The meetings will take place in a workspace open to the public in Seoul [Art Space Seogyo, Seoul] and Madrid [Matadero Madrid].
During 2 days there will be 4 simultaneous conversations scheduled on Skype (4 artists from Seoul with their respective 4 artists from Madrid) in Madrid during the morning and during the afternoon in Seoul, the duration of each meeting is 2 hours.
Dates: Monday  6th of June and Tuesday  7th of June.
Time: 18.00 – 20.00 (Seoul – Seoul Art Space Seogyo)
11.00 – 13.00 (Madrid – Matadero Madrid)
4_ The results of the joint or collaborative projects will be posted on the website after the meetings.