The purpose of these meetings is to facilitate the contact between artists for the development of a joint project that will be published on the website.
During 2 days will be 4 simultaneous conversations scheduled on Skype (4 artists Seoul with their respective 4 artists from Madrid in Madrid during the morning and the afternoon in Seoul, the duration of each meeting is 2 hours.
Dates: Monday  6th of June and Tuesday  7th of June.
Time: 18.00 – 20.00 (Seoul – Seoul Art Space Seogyo)
11.00 – 13.00 (Madrid – Matadero Madrid)
After the allocation between artists couples Seoul-Madrid, the website will facilitate downloading in PDF files the portfolios before the meetings. The first contact will occur during the first meeting ADOEM in the respective art workspaces.
The meeting will take place in a public open space so visitants can witness the process of working of the artists through Skype conversations.
The encounter between artists Seoul-Madrid will be in English. ADOEM organization will have an English assistant available for the artists in Seoul and Madrid for any doubts.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Each artist must create his/her own Skype account and bring his/her own laptop, webcam, microphone and speakers to the meetings. For any question or issue arising from this requirement, the artist must contact the organization ADOEM to get a feedback before the meeting dates start.