Save and Reset


We began ADOEM project to create an artistic alternative tool. The project takes advantage of new communication media for opening an exchange between artists located in two different places, Seoul Art Space and Matadero Madrid.  The physical and virtual spaces of art are linked with an artistic date to share ideas online.


FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED is, by contrast, more related to the private and personal space.  It was initially planned as a physical event limited in time, but evolved into a communication platform for creative people interested in using a space to present their work. FCFS is an exhibition for which the artwork selection criteria is based on the order in which applications are received for the designated area within the space provided. The host opens his or her private space to the public for a limited period of time. With FCFS we create a fictitious space from an everyday private space, a house, which is open to an audience, revealing the personal space.


The project RUIMTESTAN: You furnish the picture I will furnish a story is a collaboration between Dutch and Spanish artists who work together to recreate the story of an empty pond located in the school of Fines Arts of the University of Madrid.


It could be that considerations around the location and aura of art have been affected by the fast pace of life's actual rhythm. We never stop. Digital tools have been evolving so fast that we are quickly losing deep personal interaction, while tripling our superficial contact. We have adapted to the frenetic pace of media, creating temporary exhibitions, events and exchange. The politics of today are quickly forgotten. That is why we need to adapt to the fast track with the powerful and dangerous tools of information and global connection. The proximity of the virtual is calling us to activate it.