It’s a device which aims to activate a space for a short period of time. It arises from the need to generate independent and ephemeral exhibition possibilities, creating a space which offers a meeting and communication point.
First-come, first-served is an exhibition event for which the selection criteria for artwork is based on the order in which applications for the designated areas within the provided space are received. The first person who requests it, keeps it.
These exhibitions events take place in collaboration with a host, who provides a private space that welcomes artists. They can include other parallel or complementary activities to the exhibition. The events don’t last more than one afternoon (approx. 3 hours), marking its ephemeral and itinerant nature.
The host must provide a floor plan of the space that can be organized into different exhibition areas. To apply for an area of the space, we will create an event on Facebook and post it on the First-come, first-served website indicating the booking procedure(1); including date and time limit for the installation and removal of the work(2); and date, time and location of the exhibition event.
We are open to suggestions and proposals that can help stimulate these events.
1.- Leave a post on the wall of the corresponding Facebook event or send an email to the host or FCFS group members indicating the area, artist/group name and the technical details of your work. Email address or mobile number is also required.
2.- Each artist/group will be responsible for the installation and removal of his/her work.