Three pairs of artists from Amsterdam-Madrid rebuild the history of the pond which is located at the Campus de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, based on fake documents.



The existence of the pond at the college is a mystery to solve, a research that concludes being harder than it seems from a first moment on. Digging into its origin we found very few informative facts. Where is the origin and where is the argumentation for this pond construction come from? Our proposal consists of the reconstruction of its history with fictitious documents.




1_Selection of 6 artists, 3 that are located in Amsterdam and other 3 that is located in Madrid. They will be coupled depending on the matching possibilities that can arise from their works.


2_Dates and schedule. The work-flow will be generated by the communication in between the artists who will put in common their ideas (meetings via Skype). Meeting dates will depend on the availability of the artists and the meeting space.


3_Starting contact before the first Skype Meeting (idea sharing session) that will take place on Saturday 13th of April. Each artist will exchange a portfolio/website with his/her correspondent artist partner and will discuss their project perception. Each team will have to choose between the 3 images that we provide (a photography, a death note and a map) from which one they have to start. Date and time to be agreed depending on the artists.














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4_Skype Meetings: Idea Sharing Sessions on the 13th and 20th of April.


10.00 am – 12.00 pm (Amsterdam – Madrid, place to be confirmed)


* Subject to modifications depending on availability.

* For the Skype meetings between artists each participant will need to bring their own laptop; furthermore they can bring any other material that they consider to work on the project.


5_Project result and presentation during Wednesday’s Pool Session on the 24th of April.


12.00 pm – 09.00 pm (Madrid – espacio POOL UCM)


* PROJECT RESULT_ For this project it will be essential to present a proposal (either visual work, intervention in space, performative action, etc.) that will be shown on April 24th from 12.00 pm to 9.00 pm. We will provide a laptop for the possible project representation and the communication between artists in Amsterdam and the festival assistants.

Ruimtestan Project took place on Wednesday 24th of April during the Pool Session celebrated in the abandoned pond located in the school of Fines Arts of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.