Interview for Poolzine


This interview by espacio POOL was included in its fanzine in order to show the intentions of the project. Our aim was reflected by creating a fictional character who researches on the history of the pond.



espacio Pool: Who are you?


EME: Jans Vijver (1954) Licensed in Art History and Doctor in Architecture and Pondology.  Participant at the excavation of Siloam of the Judean Hills in the city of David, Israel with Ronny Reich and Eli Shukrun. Currently developing a research project on the contemporary ruin.


espacio Pool: Where do you come from, where are you heading to?


EME: […] Chillen in een bubbel bubbel bubbelbad
En Heather Locklear zorgt voor het schuim in bad
en de shampoo, maar nu even geen antiklit!
Omdat ik het waard ben, ‚‚n vakantiehit!
En echt waar hoor, ik heb een schat van een vriendin
Dus als ze nou niet zeurt dan mag ze er zo ook misschien in!
De betekenis van monogaam is even zoek
en ik zie hier ook niemand met een woordenboek! […]


[Bubbelbad by Def and The Beatbusters]


espacio Pool: What do you want to do in your pool/pond?


EME: I want to rebuild the history of the pond with the material that I recovered and that helped me out verifying the little information found. The research team consists of three teams who work over a distance between Amsterdam and Madrid through meetings via Skype. There are three documents as a starting point: a drawing, a photograph and a note.