Pool Telecommunication

Balthazar Berling

Lucía Antonini


The two performances aren’t happening at the same time. They are linked because they correspond or answer to the other performance that happened or will happen in another context. They complete each other. Nevertheless, the two audiences experience the work in two separate ways.

Embodied Reflections

Esther Verhamme

Diego Delas


An exploration of space and time displayed as a non linear layered story about mapping, communication and movement. Where the pools are considered as a possible communication tool for travelling to other dimensions through the movement of bodies.

The means we had for collaboration during this creation process formed the base of this concept: Two different locations and one screen/portal/common language in which the creation of this work took place.



Between Surfaces

Sander van Wettum

Moyra Montoya Moyano


Between Surfaces: an auto-perfmance/audiotour by Moyra Montoya Moyano (ES) and Sander van Wettum (NL).

The viewer will get a headset and an audio player with a set of pre-recorderd instructions on it. By simply following these instructions, events start to unfold that will lead the viewer into a slightly surreal twilight zone: a state wherein perception of time, space and reality is being questioned and constantly transformed.

[Photos taken during the performance]

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[Poster Audiotour]

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These proposals for Ruimtestan Project took place on Wednesday 24th of April during the Pool Session celebrated in the abandoned pond located in the school of Fines Arts of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.



[Photos by Alonso Santos and Mariate Ovejas]