espacio Pool // Is an open group that organizes cultural-party journeys, so called Pool Sessions, in an abandoned pond located in the school of Fines Arts of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. To participate in this activation of the space during the next Pool Session during the 24th of April, we want to work on the project RUIMTESTAN with artists from Madrid and Amsterdam.



Ruin declaration, rejection and the lack of maintenance of the buildings are issues that worry us. How do we understand the spaces that have lost their value because of defects or damages, when there is a non-use of the building for the purpose for which it was intended? It is a question that can arise in a context of economic and social conflict in urban development, realities in Madrid and Amsterdam, two cities full of ruins and empty spaces.

We don’t know why the pond is empty and we don’t even know why it was built in that moment such an architectural construction in that context.


The lack of official documents that clarify the existence and condition of the pond leads us to consider the use of other documents which are fictitious in order to justify its presence at the Faculty. We document an imaginary discourse about its history based on three images: a photograph, a death note and a map of a pond.

The relationships that have appeared within that space along its existence shape out its history and placement. For the same reason we want to do the project with a person which is resident in Madrid, someone who has an easy access and understanding of the space and its context, and another resident in Amsterdam, that has no physical access to the space and whose perception is not as direct, with the aim of contrasting the different relationships that can be generated with the pond.


* Images of the pond and gardens here.